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Supporting Board

Michael Fehn
Lorenz Pronnet - CFO, E.ON Czech Holding AG, CZECH REPUBLIC
Martin Dvořák - E.ON Czech Republic
Frank Eßlinger - E.ON SE
Lukas Grüner - ACT Innovative GmbH
Frank Hajdinjak - CEO E.ON Romania
René Matthies - Chief Financial Officer of E.ON UK
Marc Müller - bpv Braun Partners s.r.o.
Markus Rövekamp, CEO CYRCO
Matthias Schmuderer - Enerbasics
Stefan Seipl - Consultant
Bernd Steisslinger - Steisslinger Management Consulting
Stefan Vogg - Consultant
Nastaran Rahimi - Deputy for general director of environment, safety, health and social affairs bureau in planning and economic affairs in Ministry of Energy
Ali Safarnourallah - Managing Director of SIDCO holding