Energy Globe Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann. Building on 30 years of experience in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies, Energy Globe Foundation is a global leader in the area of sustainability.

The primary objective of Energy Globe Foundation is to create a higher level of awareness all over the world concerning the necessity of using resources in a sustainable manner, especially as far as energy is concerned. On the other hand, by planning specific projects aimed at creating a more sustainable future for coming generations and improving living conditions in developing countries.

By organizing a large number of activities, campaigns, projects and initiatives, Energy Globe Foundation has become a worldwide renowned organization whose international scope of action is extended to nearly every single country in the world. Energy Globe Foundation is supported in its activities by the Honorary Board – a think-tank consisting of recognized and well-known individuals from the fields of economics, politics and culture. In addition, an international network of voluntary ambassadors is active on behalf of Energy Globe in numerous countries.